Strait Area Transit shows off new vehicle

Executive director of Strait Area Transit (SAT), Amber Carrigan, unloaded accessible client Jesse Burton with help from driver Barry Vaters on April 9. SAT said the public can pre-book transportation for medical appointments, work, school, grocery, and other shopping, or even to visit friends or relatives. As a member of the Rural Transportation Association, SAT said it is also transporting all community members to and from their vaccination appointments. All riders must book at least 24 hours in advance by calling 1-902-625-1475 or emailing:
Photos courtesy Strait Area Transit
Strait Area Transit’s newest addition to its fleet, a 2020 Dodge Promaster, hit the road on April 9 in Inverness County as driver Barry Vaters loaded the van’s first accessible client, Jesse Burton. The purchase was done with financial support from the Department of Community, Culture and Heritage, and the Municipality of the County of Inverness.