Inverness County Cares is assisting two schools in Zambia where children with albinism are provided with food, shelter and an education.

Inverness County Cares (ICC), founded in 2012, is a charitable organization, based in Inverness County.

Our mission is to provide for the needs of children in desperate need. Our current project is to assist two schools in Zambia where children with albinism are provided with food, shelter and an education.

In 2015, Inverness County Cares recognized there was a need for a global partner to provide assistance with accounting, taxation receipts, auditing and onsite supervision of projects.

A decision was made to work cooperatively with Chalice Canada, a Nova Scotia charity based in Bedford. Chalice is a Catholic international aid organization focused on child, family, and community development. Children and elders are selected for their sponsorship program based on need and family circumstances, regardless of race, age, ability, gender, or religion.

Chalice has 57 sponsor sites, spanning across 15 developing countries. In October 2019, Chalice was chosen by Maclean’s Magazine as the top Canadian international charity for 2019.

This year ICC is currently working toward a fundraising goal of $30,000, to provide the schools with school programming resources, including large print books, optical aids, audio-books, laptops, and school supplies. They are also trying to meet medical needs such as payment for medical examinations, medications, sunscreen, sun hats and sun glasses, and long sleeve cotton clothes. Fundraising will also cover general support for the needs of the schools.

During this Christmas season consider giving someone on your list a gift which will bring joy to the lives of albino children and embody the true meaning of Christmas. Individuals who wish to donate can use the donate button on our Web site: or send a cheque to: Inverness County Cares, Box 99, Judique, NS, and B0E1P0. Tax receipts will be provided.

For more information contact ICC members John Gillies at 902-787-3441, John MacInnis at 902-787-2475 or Colleen MacDonald MacLeod at 902-787-2251.

There is a YouTube video which gives a very realistic view of the challenges faced by persons with albinism in sub-Saharan Africa. It can be found at: