PORT HAWKESBURY: Staff with the Town of Port Hawkesbury are thinking about becoming a cycling center for the locale.

They’ve cooperated with their partners from Bicycle Nova Scotia to lead an examination on the most ideal approach to add the town to the provincial bicycle network, known as the Blue Route.

Paula Davis, the town’s recreation director, advised the goal isn’t to add dedicated bike lanes.

“It’s not a protected, singular-use bike lane – this is using streets that we have in the community already, and mapping it out so people can get through the town safely,” she said. “When you think of a bike lane, you’re thinking of a separate line on the shoulder of the road – this may be merely [sharing] the road with a cyclist.”

Davis indicated Bicycle Nova Scotia delegates will attempt to distinguish the best courses through Port Hawkesbury.

She said at that point they’ll make an arrangement to set up signs along that course, both to coordinate cyclists and illuminate drivers.

“[It’s] generating awareness for motorists that bikes are on the side road as well,” she said. “You have to be aware of that- and operate your car appropriately- to handle both modes of transportation.”

Davis explained Bicycle Nova Scotia representatives are planning a community engagement session in September.

She suggested a proposal to town councillors is expected in 2021.