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It’s time for all Cape Bretoners to do what they do best – helping each other in time of challenge!


-good handwashing with soap is more effective than hand sanitizers in preventing virus spread;

-masks will not protect you from getting an infection. They will decrease the risk of spread if you have an infection;

-when you only buy the supplies you need, we all benefit. By assuring people who need supplies are able to obtain them, we will decrease the risk of infection for all of us and prevent unnecessary hardship for others;

We can start thinking and planning how we can together look out for those most at risk of severe illness. We can think of:

-shopping for those who can’t;

-regularly checking in on each other;

-new ways to connect via social media…online scrabble/bridge games; Zoom/Skype visits;

-bringing out those neglected board and card games to entertain when isolated at home;

-bring meals to others (phone ahead and leave on doorstop);

-work with restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, etc. to increase home deliveries;

-the many ingenious solutions Cape Bretoners have found in the past.

Together, we can decrease the negative effects of this virus!

Dorothy R. Barnard

River Bourgeois