You must believe

The COVID-19 pandemic is upon us but as other illnesses have demonstrated throughout human history, all were overcome. I always try to put a positive spin onto events regardless of their dire potentials because I believe from adversities can come progress.

Thus far, March 15, I am observing collective virus-related worries with many people being concerned for the well-being of themselves and others. Knowledgeable professions are offering their credible advice for dealing with the reality that this pandemic is moving us all through uncharted territories. Governments are learning first-hand about the new techniques by which to support their citizens. Our health services personnel are rising to the challenges being forced upon them. Citizens are redefining lifestyles to combat the spread of the virus and implementing strategies for its eventual demise.

To continue to combat this pathogen, truthful information, be it unpleasant or not, must remain the rule of the day. Measures are rapidly being implemented that will protect the citizenry as much as reasonably possible. More and more among us are exercising due diligence for their personal health and those around them.

The human creature has not been created to live in a bubble; we are social animals whom are happiest amongst others. Common sense from each of us must be the rule of the day. Social activities need to reflect the reality that large crowds are not the healthiest of locations to place oneself.

What I am observing thus far is that we are being compelled to re-examine lifestyles. Many of our established living norms are under scrutiny with the possibility of revamping or eliminating practices that we have established prior to the onslaught of the realities of the rapid and far-reaching spread of viruses.

We are now into the forced reality that world travel and the means to undertake such excursions are being re-evaluated. The designs of buildings and rapid transit methods will likely come under scrutiny with vastly improved air-filtration systems because healthy air is a life-giving requirement. Sanitation practices will be upgraded thereby permitting us to be in contact with objects without the fear that a pathogen might be waiting there for its next host.

Economically I foresee decisions being made around mass gatherings thereby giving us more family-oriented venues. The evolution back to smaller assemblies will give us more community atmospheres in which to mingle with a greater assurance for remaining healthy.

I also foresee a re-evaluation of modern-day practices of treating nature as if she is a waste-disposal system or something that exists for the financial gain of corporations or greedy individuals. Our modern-day world will increasingly be one that encourages healthy lifestyles while supporting our natural environment because, as COVID-19 has demonstrated, people get deadly ill when their conditions are not conducive to proper living circumstances.

Life is good when all is well but its rewards are altered when things go amok. My advice for us to beat the COVID-19 pandemic is to believe that it is possible to conquer it because it is. Be more diligent with your personal care and living practices and live through the upcoming weeks one day at a time. Maintain contacts with others because we all have strength when others are near. Keep a close watch over those within your communities whom need caring oversights and enjoy each day while finding the things around you that make it a blessing to live where you reside. Keep well, stay safe and join me in believing that this virus too shall pass.

Ray Bates