Photo by Dana MacPhail Touesnard Vehicles of all sizes were part of the festival parade in L’Ardoise on July 29.
Photos by Dana MacPhail Touesnard
Adam Cooke performed following the L’Ardoise festival parade as festivalgoers enjoyed bounce castles and other activities.
Artisan Andrea Courchene and her special helper Owen Boudreau are pictured with one of her most intricate beach glass pieces.
Annette Sampson (left) and Bailee Cooke are pictured with Sampson’s flower pot creations at the L’Ardoise festival’s artisan market.
Donna Boudreau was working away in between sales of her knitted works on July 29 during the 56th annual L’Ardoise Acadian Festival.
Enjoying his first L’Ardoise Acadian Festival, Harrison Giammittorio, from Virginia, was all set for the parade on Sunday afternoon.
Karen Johnston is pictured at the Sunday afternoon Artisans Market, held in conjunction with the L’Ardoise Acadian festival.
Volunteers were kept busy in the kitchen preparing a hot turkey dinner on Sunday at the L’Ardoise Community Centre.
Jewelry-maker Martina Touesnard is pictured with her work on Sunday afternoon in L’Ardoise.
An RCMP vehicle, followed by Lobsters R Us, kicked off the L’Ardoise festival parade on Sunday.
Members of the Richmond Royals suited up to take part in the L’Ardoise Acadian Festival parade.