MULGRAVE: Mulgrave’s financial statements for the last fiscal year received the thumbs up from the town’s auditor.

Mulgrave Town Council approved its annual financial statements and audit reports during a meeting on September 5. Mulgrave interim CAO Kevin Matheson said auditors participated via conference call to highlight the audit report and findings.

“I presented the statements and then the auditor said whether they are presented fairly or not,” said Matheson. “In their opinion, the statements were presented fairly. It’s one of the more important things you do every year. Council knows the results it is getting are fairly presented and the public will have that assurance as well.”

Matheson said the statements will be published by this week and available on the town’s Web site for people looking to access them. He said the financial statements are from the fiscal year ending March 31.

“Some of them are compared to budget and some of them are balance sheets which don’t have budget information,” he said. “Basically it’s where we were as of the end of the last fiscal year.”