Corbett elected in Antigonish County

CAPE JACK: District 9 has a new representative.

Neil Corbett defeated and Danny MacEachern during the special election to determine the new District 9 representative on council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish. The unofficial results for August 19 saw Corbett receive 247 votes to MacEachern’s 167.

“I was very grateful that the people in the community were willing to support me and gave me their support,” said Corbett. “I’m looking forward to being able to work with the municipality and to represent our community the way it’s been represented with Russell Boucher when he was in the position. I’m just going to be sure that we’re not left out and we’re properly represented on our council.”

The seat for District 9, which covers Linwood, Havre Boucher, and Auld’s Cove, was vacated following the passing of former area warden Russell Boucher. Corbett is set to be sworn in on September 5.

When asked if he has any specific issues he wants to work on, Corbett said he is seeing more seniors than youth in the community.

“I do want to be sure that there is a proper support for the community here,” he said. “We’ve lost our medical centre that we had here. I don’t want to see us lose any other support for our community. I just want to be sure we continue to be represented properly at council.

“I just want to mention a big thank you to all the people who did support me in the election,” he added. “It feels good to know that there are people here who recognize my intent as far as representing them.”