Schools across Nova Scotia have started the new 2021-2022 term and school buses are transporting students in the early morning and late afternoon.

Responsibility is placed in the hands of school bus drivers to see the students on their buses get to their school and return back home in the safest way possible.

On Sept. 7 in the late afternoon, I was following at a fair distance behind a school bus with students aboard. Starting from the Grand Anse and Area Volunteer Fire Department and beyond River Inhabitants Bridge, the bus driver made several stops. At the first school bus stop, in my rear view mirrors, I could see a motorist coming up behind me and I put on my four-way flashing lights on as soon as I could see the school bus warning lights come on.

I kept up this practice throughout the many bus stops along the way while keeping my eyes focused on the school bus ahead of me and the motorist following behind me. At some point between bus stops 2 and 3, another vehicle followed the first vehicle behind me.

My four-way flashing lights worked well for the two motorists travelling behind me on this one afternoon experience. The two motorists both observed my action, but I must say, they did not use their four-ways at any of the stops.

An idea that I bring forth today may help all school bus drivers. Our vehicle’s built-in four-way flashing light system may be used on a daily basis as I tried on Sept. 7. Traffic coming in either direction, or behind a school bus, using their four-ways would create awareness of the school bus lights.

This is keeping in mind there are always young children crossing the roadway at any given school bus stop.

Thank you to all the school bus driver throughout Nova Scotia, and here’s hoping you all have a safe and accident free 2021-2022 school term.

Clarence Landry