Thursday, October 12, 2017

Seeing as how I have never watched an entire baseball game all the way through on television, I might as well do a running Diary of Game 7. Since both teams haven't won the title since at least the 40s...
Seeing as how municipal councils are getting sworn in for a new term, here’s a little advice for the newbies and a bit of a refresher for the reruns. For those questioning my qualifications for offering municipal councillors advice, I...
Who wants a random column? You do. That’s who. My friends and I watching the teaser trailer for the third Wolverine movie dovetailed into a discussion of other superhero properties owned by 20th Century Fox. This naturally led to a...
Q: So, how have things been lately?A: Dude, not this again.Q: What do you mean?A: Whenever you get really desperate for a column you resort to interviewing yourself. It’s tired and ridiculous.Q: How is it tired? This is the...
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