Friday, November 24, 2017

I read with interest, and some amusement, the comments of Greg Burke in your September 7 edition in which he is quoted as saying that “…the Supreme Court justice clearly stated that the Acadian Métis do exist here in...
It has been my privilege and my pleasure to serve as municipal councillor for all of Richmond County and district 5 in particular for the past 25 years. It is therefore with some sadness and regret that I announce...
In keeping with my commitment to transparency and accountability, please take the time to read this Letter to the Editor. I am consistently asked by citizens about the cost of the Civic Centre to the Town of Port Hawkesbury. I...
The van Zutphen family moved to Inverness County in the early 1950s. Like most of the Dutch immigrants of the time, the whole family worked extremely hard to create a life in a new land. In 1964, two of the...
People in rural Nova Scotia continue to express frustration with the speed of their Internet connection.  What is the broadband industry and government doing to fix this? A recent announcement by Eastlink holds promise for Inverness County, provided you live...
In response to your Letter to the Editor in the September 14 edition of The Reporter, I agree 100 per cent about a cure for cancer. I think there is too much money made, and donated to cancer research, as...
I want to write something polite and respectful to the town council of Port Hawkesbury. I want to write about how despite some bad proposals, the town really has been trying. I can’t. The town has been in rapid decline....
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